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Chris Chamblee I Signature Custom Amp

It's made to my you know it's gonna Rock! - Chris Patrick Chamblee

A one channel Hot Rodded plexi, with a master volume. It has 3 volumes in all. Volume 1 is remeniscent of a 100 watt superlead. Volume 2 is remeniscent of a JTM-45. Both if these are parallelled together and controlled by the master volume. It uses high gain E34L tubes. This is a hardwired boutique made in the USA product. The 3 channel EQ has been Hot Rodded for more clarity and less mud. It also has a buffered effects loop....and of's 100 watts of Screaming Raw Power....

"Personally....I'm not the off the assembly line kinda guy. I took this into consideration with the Chris Chamblee I, because I wanted something simple...yet versatile enough that I could change my mind. In a nut can sound like everybody else...or you can be yourself..." -chris



"100 WATTS OF RAW POWER...With Insanium in the Cranium Drive! "
- Chris Patrick Chamblee

The CC II was designed and built after a year of traveling with the Chris Chamblee I Custom Signature Amp

"In doing a cascade mod, we went back to the days when Eric Clampton played with Cream. We started with that was good...and the amp worked perfectly. the over the top guy I tend to be....thought it could use some spunkin' up. This is the amp I always wanted but couldn't get because it wasn't available before now. The result is a mondo modded CC I with EL34 tubes. The CC I is simplicity perfected...the CC II is simply perfection at it's finest!"


All Made in the USA by Basement Amps.
They have Chris Patrick Chamblee’s branded endorsement on them.
Basement Amps is owned and operated by Mike Stewart out of Peoria, Arizona. 

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